We speak to the clients about what they need out of a space, then we represent your ideas on canvas. Design is an iterative process but we aim to deliver a solution that meets the standards but one that is also unique to the individual. Through the design stages we deliver to you a complete design solution.


If a project requires planning, we arrange the necessary paper work for a planning permit applcaition with the relevant councils. Planning can be a long a tedious iterative process but we have a highly experienced team in place to deliver when required.
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Our project management team overseas the smooth running of all stages of the design and construction process making sure the project doesnot slip. They aim to deliver on time and budget.


We are a registered unlimited builder of small and medium rise residential houses. We aim to build your dream or investment home on time and budget.



Building design

A building is all about its purpose. We make sure the building we design is fit for the best possible use and meet the needs of its occupants. This is where we seamlessly work with engineers, designers and local authorities to bring you the best living space.
We keep a close eye on your budget and make sure the costs are kept to a minimum. With precision planning, we make sure the structure, electrical systems, telecommunication networks, water supply and waste systems are aligned and pulled together in perfect harmony. Happy living!

Prefabricated residential construction

Prefabricated constructions are buildings (or parts of them) manufactured elsewhere, and then later transported to the desired location to be assembled. We are specialist prefabricated builders, so you are in very safe hands, whether the building is taking place off-site or being assembled at your property. We serve clients across Victoria and we have the state-of-the-art transportation machinery to safely deliver your pre-built home right to you.

Those who choose prefabricated homes do so because it gives them the freedom do a free design without space restrictions. Also, these can be designed to be extremely energy efficient so the long-term costs can be reduced.

Residential construction

From blocks of flats to country bungalows, we take great pleasure in designing the dream home for families and individuals across Victoria.

As we offer comprehensive home design, home renovation, extension and interior design solutions, we are truly a one-stop-shop for all your residential construction needs.

Why not give our friendly team to see how we can make your dream building project a reality.


At Fomu Design Labs, we have completed many renovations across Melbourne and Victoria. Before starting a project, we closely examine your property’s structure, local regulations and more importantly your requirements.

All renovations are meticulously planned and you will be provided with a time estimate for the completion date. Depending on the extent of the renovation you require, we aim to complete the project in 3 to 5 weeks. Feel free to contact our friendly team to discuss renovation ideas!


An extension allows you to utilise your property’s space effectively. If planned and carried out properly, you can be amazed at the types of improvements you could make to your existing living space. The starting point should be to be sure of the type of extension you need for yourself and the people you live with.

We are very open for your ideas and requirements so communication from the designer (us) and occupant (you) is key to making the extension project a success. We will, of course, guide you through the various options available to your property. All always provide a free quote before taking any work and they are obligation free.

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